About Us

Welcome to Love for Sweets! Your best, unique choice for all the tasty treats you can imagine! We provide the finest high-quality delights with focus on excellence, uniqueness, superior ingredients, dependability, and outstanding customer service.

Arthi, Financial Manager, wife, and mother of 2 beautiful girls, started baking in her home kitchen in 2005 as a hobby, where she procured a great reputation for her creativity in baking and cooking from her family and friends. Often, Arthi thought of sharing this talent with others and decided to take her self-taught home baking skills to a mastery level, going back to college and achieving her professional Baking and Pastry degree from the nationally acclaimed School of Culinary Arts at Kendall College.

As her children reached school age, Arthi decided to leave her prosperous career dedicating her time ensuring a strong start to their education. This time away from her bustling career life allowed Arthi the ability to reconnect with her love of the kitchen and re-ignited her passion for baking.

Love for Sweets started as an idea in 2005 and became a reality in 2017. Arthi realized that she had a talent of pairing traditional sweets and baked goods with a modern, innovative twist. This allowed her to marry culturally diverse flavors into conventional sweets and desert dishes and baked goods, upgrading the flavor quotients and tickling the taste buds of those that were early adopters of her confectionary delights.

It remains Arthi’s goal to honor the original tradition of sweets and baked goods, while allowing innovation through new or culturally different flavor profiles to the mix, while maintain a strict policy of keeping her creations organic, fresh and from scratch.

Love for Sweets is not a typical bakery. Arthi’s mission is to provide excellent customer service where attention to detail is given to all specialty items as well as the traditional offerings on the menu. It truly is a LOVE for the process of baking, a LOVE for providing superior products, and a LOVE for customer relationships. It is the Love for Sweets that keeps the customers coming back and builds momentum through amazing word-of-mouth endorsements from her loyal followers.

We look forward to serve you for your next event!